The Founders of the IX

James Penny

Vice President

He leads 2 Cents, Inc in operations, product development, quality control, and community outreach. James studied electrical and computer engineering.

Brittany Penny


She leads 2 Cents, Inc in marketing, brand management, and product development. Brittany holds a Bachelor's degree in communication and an MBA in Marketing.


The IX Bourbon Whiskey is special to us because our first born daughter, Hera was born on the 9th year of our marriage. As Kentucky natives, we grew up around bourbon. Decades ago, whether it was using an empty bourbon bottle for target practice after a home cooked meal at the Jones' family farm in Columbia, KY, or serving bourbon to adults at a "J-Meister" house party. Both our families have a history with our state's liquid cash crop. During parties at "The Penny Palace" we premix drinks so we can enjoy visiting with guests. It only made sense that we have our own top shelf bourbon and we are honored to share it with you. Cheers!

In our spare time, we enjoy using our gifts and talents within our community to make the world a better place for us all.