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Pronounced “The Nine”

Honor the Legacy

In the early 1900s, a coalition of colorful minds banded together in a collegiate arena to birth nine unique organizations that have stood the test of time. Their pioneering footprint has forever impacted culture worldwide. With their same spirit, we have created a tantalizing experience to pay homage to their ingenuity and tenacity. 

Step into Flavor

The IX Bourbon Whiskey™ is a very small batch that is carefully selected from nine barrels all possessing unique characteristics that are blended to perfection.  The Charter Line, our first small batch, presents a sweet flavor with undertones of chocolate and caramel with a hint of spice.

Simply Divine

The Charter line of The IX Bourbon Whiskey™ is 95 proof with an impressively smooth finish down to the last drop. Our bourbon is served best over ice, but it would also make a great accompaniment within your favorite cocktail. The IX will entice your nose, serve your taste buds, and give you the same elation as if you just crossed the burning sands!

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